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Jon Faulkner

Jon Faulkner came to ceramics at the age of 15, when he trained and worked as a production potter at Crich and Dartington Pottery in the UK. There he received an early grounding in the Bernard Leach / Shoji Hamada tradition which inspired the British studio pottery movement. After leaving Dartington Pottery to move to Bermuda, Jon set up Jon Faulkner Pottery, where he continues to develop his signature style. Working primarily in high-fired stoneware and porcelain, Faulkner fires his salt-glaze ceramics in an environmentally friendly waste vegetable oil fired kiln, which he built himself in 2008. Faulkner develops all of his own glazes from scratch, and they mature in reduction at cone 10 (2360F) over a 16-hour long firing process.


Although Faulkner has achieved remarkable proficiency in his personal stylistic expression, he is continually exploring ways to further his creative curiosity by participating in international workshops with ceramic masters renowned in the field. Alongside this technical development, Faulkner is cultivating a deeper understanding of the Asian influences that were an early inspiration to him, and he is currently enthused by Japanese / Korean ceramic traditions. As a consequence, his work is becoming more organic and quieter. He is moved to return to a simpler approach through embracing a less embellished style and process that celebrates the raw basis of the medium and reduces his reliance on material processing and machinery. 

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